My Current Favourite Podcasts

Current Favourite Podcasts

Over the last 6 months or so, I’ve really got into listening to podcasts.  I tend to listen to them in the shower, on the train or sometimes I’ll go for a walk and get inspired.  There are so many high-quality podcasts out there, each one sharing different information, stories and providing entertainment.  Right now,…

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3 Ways to Easily Improve Your Instagram Account

3 ways to improve your instagram account

Instagram is currently my favourite social media platform.  I find it easy to engage with new accounts, love looking at all the pretty pictures and I really enjoy watching Instagram Stories.  There are so many ways to use the app these days. One of the things I’ve noticed when I am scrolling through Instagram is…

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3 Ways to Stay Healthy as a Blogger

Stay healthy as a blogger

Living the laptop lifestyle sounds great but sitting in front of the computer screen all day is not good for your physical or mental wellbeing!  Today as part of my blogging challenge I am sharing my top tips to stay healthy as a blogger. Having worked from home for the last 6 years I’ve found it can…

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How to Set Your Blog up for Success

How to set your blog up for success

We made it to the final part of my 4-part blogging series!  In this series, we’ve discussed how to set a strong foundation for your blog. Today I’m bringing it all together to set your blog up for success.  There’s also some tips from two of the UK’s top bloggers, In The Frow and Em…

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5 Ways to Get Your Blog Seen

5 Ways to get your Blog Seen

Welcome back to my 4-part series helping you set the groundwork for your blog.  Today we’re going to dive into how to stand out online and be seen.  Once you’ve written your blog posts, your next step is to get people to read them.  In today’s online world there are so many ways to share…

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3 Steps to Blogging Consistently

3 Steps to Blogging Consistently

Welcome back to my 4-part series helping you set the groundwork for your blog.  Today, we’re going to delve into how to blog consistently. Staying consistent is one of the most challenging parts of blogging.  You start out with big ideas about blogging loads and loads but this can become harder as time commitments close…

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Start with your Blogging Why

Start with your blogging why

Knowing why you are blogging is one of the best ways to stay consistent.  Sitting down at your computer with no idea what to write about can be frustrating.  One of the best ways to overcome, what I like to call Bloggers Block (like writers block but for bloggers), is to know why you’re writing…

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5 Ways to Get Back on the Blogging Wagon – Free Webinar

5 ways to get back on the blogging wagon

Last year, I hosted a number of webinars online – I really enjoyed doing them but I haven’t done any in 2017.  This is changing as I hosted my webinar titled 5 Ways to get back on the Blogging Wagon. To listen join my VIP for instant access!   Getting Back on the Blogging Wagon One of…

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What does your Blog Offer?

What does your blog offer?

When you are deciding what to blog about there are so many different topics you can include.  They key is to make a decision about what you are going to share over the coming months.  Once you have decided what your blog will offer you can then begin to do the 3 C’s – confidently…

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Join my Free Bloggers Facebook Group

Free Bloggers Facebook Group

I am pleased to share with you the re-launch of my Facebook Group for bloggers.  The group was originally created last year for my blogging challenge.  After the challenge members of the group wanted to keep it open – So we did.  However, it still had the challenge name in the title.  So, this week…

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